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A special package in the shades of blue and yellow, with a navy theme.

It consists of a Bambolino suit with a yellow pair of trousers, a white shirt, a blue vest, a bow tie, a hat with painted lemons and a handkerchief, a pair of Babywalker blue sandals and a christening set by Jour Beni in blue-white with little boats. The set includes a bag or a wooden box, a leatherette kit-case or a small wooden box, a large candle, oil sheets and an oil bottle and soap set.

Below you can choose whether you would like the package with the bags or the one with the wooden boxes and aslo if you would like the baby's name to be embroidered on the oil cloth (+18).

*If you wish any changes to the theme or the colors of the set, please contact us. For ordering the size 3 please consider that it takes 5 additional days for the shipping.

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This full christening package includes:
  1. A suit (a shirt, a pair of trousers, a vest, a bow tie, a hat, a handkerchief) by Bambolino (BAM-209255)
  2. Sandals by Babywalker (BW-GR0052)
  3. A pair of socks
  4. A set by Jour Beni (JB-70115) that consists of:
  • a synthetic leather bag or a wooden box.
  • a white-blue kit case made of synthetic leather or a small wooden box for the oil set.
  • a large candle.
  • an oil bottle & soap set (a bottle made of glass, matching the rest of the pieces, a small towel for the priest's hands and a baby soap).
  • oil sheets.


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