Livebook 3D Solar System LVB-002


A little hero, secretly sneaked into SpaceBase and needs your help to discover the secrets of the planets of our solar system.
In the pages of this book you will travel to the solar system to learn all the secrets of the planets and see them in 3D revolving over the book!
This book uses augmented and virtual reality technologies to visualize its content in 3D as well as to travel children to space. To use these features, you need an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet that includes a camera and a gyroscope.

The book and the application are in greek language!

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Download the free 3D Solar System application from the Google Play Store or App Store and mark with your device any book page that includes the name of the planet in English. This will allow you to see the planet on that page 3D. In addition, if you mark the cover, you can take a photo of an astronaut suit and see the whole solar system spin on the book! Finally, you can navigate the ESA space station through real 360-degree pictures (virtual reality) as if you were there! Simply mark the cover and press the corresponding button. The application can work with a virtual reality mask, but without it.
In the absence of a gyroscope, the virtual reality function works by touching the screen of the device.