Livebook Christmas Secret LVB-008


Have you ever wondered what secret is hiding in the Golden Mountains? Have you ever seen the balloon of Santa Claus? Will the little heroine of the book catch the white-blooded drop from the Christmas lollipop?
In this magic book, every page gives life to a well-known Christmas object and all together they make up an unbelievable story! Put colors and fantasy to paint the pages and listen to the story from the cute Christmas Fairy!

The book and the application are in greek language!

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o see the story come alive with colors and listen to it, you'll need an Android smartphone or tablet. Download the Christmas Secret free app from the Google Play Store, open it and tag your book cover with your device. Immediately you will see the book "animated" with colors and narration !!! Enjoy the extraordinary narration of the fairytale with the voice of little Christina, from the three-dimensional fairy with the magic wand!
You can change a page with the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the screen. There is also a special 2D button that loads the two-dimensional function so that the book is no longer needed and the child can hear and read the story in a more convenient way.