Livebook Learn multiplication with Renata LVB-005


The great ancient Dragon and enemy of mathematics, Tempeladon, has imprisoned all the Dragonfriends - guardians of the multiplication, so that children do not learn it and the whole world of mathematics disappears. Win all the levels to free the Dragonfriends. Repeat to see them transform into terrible Dragonguards. Take pictures with them and see them fly home!
In the pages of this book you will find the tables of multiplication and some very useful tricks to learn it easily and quickly. The application that accompanies the book will allow you to learn it interactively, through a stunning puzzle game with over 100 levels and a gradual reward in augmented reality. EWin the level of each numbe and free the Drakifriend-guard. So you can take pictures with him.

The book and the application are in greek language!

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