Livebook Dinosaurs Return LVB-001


A story about courage and brotherly love in the wild and inhospitable world of dinosaurs. An exciting adventure, a mysterious theft, herbivores and carnivores dinosaurs in a strange hunt! Follow Nino in the new adventure, read a lot of interesting information about each dinosaur, and entertain endless hours with the dinosaurs that "come alive". In addition, take a ride to Dinosaur Park with the new virtual reality feature.

The book and the application are in greek language!

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On the pages of this book you will experience a different experience. With Augmented Reality and tablet / smartphones screens, you can see all the dinosaurs come alive with sound and movement! With special features, you can change their size, listen to their voices separately and move them to walk and stroll around the book.

On the cover of the book you can go out with amazing pictures with dinosaurs in hilarious moments.

The application also includes virtual reality technology that works either with a VR mask or not. To experience the complete Virtual Reality experience, your device should have a gyroscope.

From the main menu, select "DINOSAUR PARK". Mark the cover of the book and then choose if you want to ride the park, using mask or without.

Turn your device or head around the place and enjoy the Dino's train!